Update to Stage 2 Parameters

There has been a request from the Community to shed more light on the unnamed parameters for Stage 2. When building this challenge, we thought that the challenge would be too easy if the parameters were named. It turns out we made it too hard by not naming them. So, here is the list of parameters that were used to build the train and test data for Stage 2:

P1 = Temperature
P2 = Charge
P3 = Conversion Factor
P4 = Voltage

Best of luck with Stage 2!

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Dear Xeek,

Could you please comment on the fact that example solutions 0 and 1 in stage 2 are exactly the same although parameters are different? Is this an unintentional mistake?

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Dear Xeek, Thank you for providing the parameters:

row-1: has negative voltage: your sample solution is max at boundaries.
row-2: has positive voltage: your solution is the same (max at edges).
Hence: the provided solutions do not match your sample inputs.

Please confirm that you use Voltage as the boundary condition for the required potential distribution.

Please confirm that Ly=1e-6 and Lx=1e-7. Looks strange. distance between places (1e-6) is larger than the plates’ size (1e-7)