Type of file submission

I need to know what type of file is required to upload for final submission. Like the resulting CSV file or coding to upload for final submission?

Hello @arshidali.yaho
Thank you for your question. The LeaderBoard scoring result should be uploaded as a TensorDataset with the strict provided structure. You can find a detailed description and a piece of code to create it in the last part of The Starter Notebook. Additionally, to check the correct structure, you can look inside the sample_submission.pt file provided on the challenge page.

Xeek Team

Hi Guys
I am clearly missing something for the submit file format. Here’s my understanding.
The scoring dataset has 50 elements.
Each element contains a vector, x0, x1, y0, and y1. Each vector has 50 members.
Our output: for each input vector, x0, x1, y0, and y1 we will generate 30 new
vectors, also of length 50. This is shown in the overview, figure 2.

Each number is 8 bytes, standard floating ponint.
If we multiply all these out, 50 * 4 * 30 * 50 *8 we get 2.4mb
The submission sample is 1.2 megabytes. I am off by a factor of 2???
What am I missing?
cheers, Eric