There is a typo error in the paper and stage1 train/test data follows this error?

in the reference paper provided:
" Analytical solution of Poisson? Boltzmann equation for interacting plates of arbitrary potentials and same sign",

at page 184:
(a) Calculation of interplate distance H and electrostatic pressure Fe at that H:
ii) it says that S1*S1 = cosh (Y1) + phi
but the example value is S1 =12.012 for Y1=5, phi = -4.135

This is wrong. S1 equal 12.012 if and only if S1 * S1 = 2cosh (Y1) + phi.
(ii) should have been eqn (8),(9) in the paper. There is a missing “2” in (ii)

However, values in “stage1_sample_input_parameterizations.csv” and “stage1_test_input_parameterizations.csv” follows the wrong formla in (ii)

note : the bug does not affect results since the equations are not used in stage.1

Hello @hengcherkeng235

You have some astute eyes, good find. However, please continue to use this paper as ground truth. For this Stage in the contest, we are treating this paper as ground truth until we can mathematically prove that a participant is correct.

Team Xeek