Symbolic Knowledge about y1, y2

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maybe I’ve missed it: Is it forbidden to encode symbolic knowledge about y1 and y2 (i.e., that y1(x0, x1) = cos(49*x0 + 42*x1) and that y2(x0, x1) = cos(56*x0 + 63*x1)) into our solution/network?

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Hello @wedenigt,
You can incorporate symbolic knowledge about y1 and y2 to build your network wisely, but not as a replacement for the solution. Preprocessing, postprocessing, any adjustments, etc. of results generated by the neural network are not allowed.

Xeek Team

Hi Guys
I think it is likely that I can do this analytically. I thought machine learning was for problems too hard to do analytically.
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I am curious if it is permissible to perform data augmentation by generating additional data points?