Submission Error - Carbon Capture Challenge

My team (MIKA) was able to make 3 submissions today (though my profile). After the first and second submissions, the website (Xeek) informed us we had 4 and 3 submissions remaining respectively. After the third submission, the website informed us that we had 0 submissions remaining, but still allows us to open the submission portal.
Can we continue posting submissions for a total of 5 for the day? We wanted to ask before trying incase we’d trip some sort of automatic check / disqualification.

The website keeps a count of 5 successful submissions in 24 hours. You would not be able to submit more than 5 in a day, so do not worry about the notification. You can continue to post submissions as long as the website allows you to.

I can submit only one in a day. it is weird. do you know why? @svpoludasu