Stranger Sections Open Forum (9/25)

Hello Xeekers!

Thank you so much for participating in the Stranger Sections Challenge. In an effort to continue to provide unique data science challenges, Xeek has released Stranger Sections as the first “open” challenge format. By “open” we mean that the problem is a bit more subjective than our normal challenges, but still solvable using machine learning. We wanted to give you, the participants, more freedom to experiment with methods and models you are curious to explore. We are very excited to see your work!

We are almost at the halfway mark of the challenge, with 76 teams competing for prizes. What are the biggest issues you’re facing?

Some general updates:

  • @swetap asked a great question about the leaderboard. Since this is an “open” challenge, the leaderboard will not be updated until after the challenge has closed. Once submissions are received, Xeek judges will review submissions and determine the winners. In an effort to provide transparency we will write a review here on the Discourse forum highlighting each winners methods and results.

  • @anthonytorlucci asked a question about the thin section image size. Each image will have the same size (1360x1024 with 3 channels).

  • There have been a few folks having issues downloading the image files. If you’re having issues and using a VPN, try turning off the VPN prior to downloading.

  • Please take a quick read through the Rules tab of the challenge page. As a reminder there are certain limitations to joining the challenge.

Best of luck out there!

Xeek Team

Hello @tools
I have a simple question. On what platform the code will be re-run…does it have GPU support RAM etc. Can you please give some specs of the environment.


Thanks for the question @jarupularakesh1482. The Xeek team will be evaluating submissions on an Sagemaker EC2 p3.8xlarge instance.