Stranger Sections (10/10) - Three Days Remaining!

Hello challengers! Remember, there are 3 days remaining to submit your code, notebooks, and masks to the Stranger Sections Challenge challenge page. All required materials must be submitted before 23:00 UTC on October 13, 2023 to be considered for this challenge. Please see the Rules tab on the challenge page for more details.

Some general updates:

  • @jarupularakesh1482 asked on what type of platform submissions will be evaluated? Submissions will be evaluated on an AWS EC2 p3.8xlarge instance.

  • @ramdhan_aw asked about runtimes for training and inference. The Xeek team will attempt to get the code operational, through trial and error, for 1 hour. If we cannot get this code running, the participant will have 24 hours to correct, provide instructions, and resubmit. Once this code is operational, the Xeek team will run each notebook for a maximum of 24 hours. If the notebook has not completed training and inference in this time, it will be disqualified. To help out the Xeek team, if you are able to provide model weights/checkpoints from training in your own environment, please do so. This will speed up the evaluation process. Please keep in mind that inference runtime is 25% of the challenge score. Thanks!

Good luck!

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What is the desired shape of the zipped mask files to be submitted, e.g. imagename_mask.npy? The rules say same as input, but input is a jpg and could be interpreted as (1024,1360, 3) or (3,1024,1360) depending on what tool you use to import. What about a 2D npy file with each element corresponding to a particular class, i.e. an array with shape (1024,1360) having a range of values between 0 and (k-1) for k segmentation classes?

Thanks for the clarifying question @anthonytorlucci. You are correct in your thinking. A 2D npy file with each element corresponding to a particular class is what we meant.


Where are we supposed to upload the zipped masks? I can’t do it on submission page because file size error from Xeek → “Your file is too large. Max file size is 50MB”

Will you just rerun the submitted notebook to get the masks then?

Hello there!

Would you mind sharing the file size of the zipped masks you have? Once you get back to me I will share it with our team.

Xeek Support

Thanks for the response, all’s good, I made an error on my side. It’s now only 30 MB for the 1000 masks!