Starter Notebook Troubleshooting (11/10)

Good day Xeekers!

The Xeek team has become aware of a few bugs and missing items from from the Starter Notebook. We’ve released a new version of Please go to the challenge page and download the new zip file.

If you are a Windows user and have observed an error pertaining to, please go into the module and comment out lines 3-9. See below:

import platform

system_name = platform.system()
if system_name in ["Windows", 'Linux']:
     libgcc_s = ctypes.CDLL('')
     libgcc_s = ctypes.CDLL('libgcc_s.1.dylib')

Finally, in order to download the SAM checkpoint, you can use this line of code:


We apologize for the issues. Please check back for additional updates.

Xeek Team