Stage 1 Submission

On the starter notebook, it says to define the submission linearly sampled from 0 to 5.50 (551 rows). However, I’m getting an error when submitting my solution. It only works when I send 501 rows.

What’s the correct Y we need to submit? 0:0.01:5.50 or 0:0.01:5.0, or something else?


Hello Ricardo,

The starter notebook is correct, the y-axis should go from 0 to 5.5. We made an edit to our scoring algorithm and your submission should work now.

Team Xeek

Hi Ricardo,

You are not alone,
I had also experienced the same issue (551-row-csv failed, but 501-row-csv accepted for scoring) on Thursday(10/13).
The failed 551-row-csv had been re-submitted on Friday(10/14) without modification.
It was accepted for scoring and passed.

The scoring system had seemed to have a quite weird glitch on the Thursday(10/13) at least.
and thank you for pointing out this issue.


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@yypark.mgiy, the glitch has been repaired. We apologize for the loss of time it caused. Reviewing the “sample submission” file on Stage 1 should run from 0 to 5 at 0.01 increments, so 552 rows should be in your test file.


Thank you for your reply, but, as I said in the above, my re-submission of initially failed 551-rows-csv without any modification had been accepted for scoring and passed on 10/14, so I had proceeded into stage-2 since then.

At this point, If you would answer to hengcherkeng235’s question about stage-2 data/parameter in other thread, which is "more importantly, i find that the potential curve in train sample 0 and train sample 1 are exactly the same. But their parameters are different. This shows that the train parameterization provided is perhaps not unique ? " (Meaning of parameters Stage 2 - #2 by team) , it would be helpful and greatly appreciated.

Thank you