Scoring algorithm failure


I tried to submit an solution set and received the message “An error occurred while scoring your submission - Scoring algorithm failed”.



Hello Alex,

The Data Tab has a “Sample Submission” file that you can download and test the scoring algorithm. Please try this file to make sure.

If the Sample Submission works, check your submission against the Sample Submission. Changes in format, size of an array, or number type can all be triggers that break the algorithm.

Team Xeek

Thanks for pointing out the example submission file. With some experimentation, I discovered the solution. The first row of the submitted CSV must be “inj_diff\xa0”, not “inj_diff” or "inj_diff ". It’s required that there be a special non-breaking space character at the end of that row.

After modifying my submission file to include that, I’m able to submit with no issues.

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