Rejected data sources

Hello @team,

Thanks for a new interesting competition format!

On the page for each job we have a list with accepted data sources. I would like to ask for some form of additional feedback regarding rejected sources, e.g. similar tables with short reasons for rejection or a forum post with some examples. It will help in further search. One interesting example which I submitted and am curious about is Thanks in advance!

The example is a source we are interested in, and it was accepted for Job 3 in the first few days of this challenge. Was there a feature of that you think we are missing?

Team Xeek

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No, I just missed this source in the list the next day after I submitted it. Now I see it. Thanks a lot for the confirmation!

Hi @team,

could you tell me what was wrong with this source for job2? I didn’t see it in the list, and didn’t get any feedback. Thanks!

Hello @mike.y.shvets

We needed a valid link to the license information for this source. Knowing the license is critical for our understanding of the data that is out there.

Team Xeek