Python package for Visualising well logs

For those interested we have just released a very simple python package for visualising well logs. Check out cegaltools on github/pypi and a rendered notebook with Force data examples at



Thanks for sharing Hilde!

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sweet. thanks Hilde will be useful

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Hi, I installed the package, however, I cant see the plot with the logs. You know how to fix this problem?

Hi, are you using jupyter lab by any chance? The plots are created using plotly, so check out plotly support for rendering plotly plots in jupyter lab:


Hi Hilde, thanks for your answer. I am currently using Spyder. I am going to try use the package in Jupyter Lab. Again, thanks a lot!

Many thanks for sharing @hildeth87! I’ve actually run into a problem where some of the functions are showing an “empty” result, e.g.:


I’m using IE11 and Jupyter Notebook through Anaconda3. Any ideas?

I’m guesing this is an IE issue. There a few help threads you can check out:

an easy fix would be to switch to chrome.