Problem with submission

I tried to upload file generated wi starter notebook, and get an error :

Error(s) have occured during the submission process:

Mismatch in columns.

Expected: x, y, z

Found: Start_x, Start_y, Start_z, End_x, End_y, End_z, End_turn

So how to know what data format file is needed to upload?

Hi Jonas,

Thank you for the question! In the initial phase for the prediction leaderboard we will be scoring a file that describes the x, y, z function of each agent at the end of simulation. The starter notebook outputted 7 columns, which are important however only the x, y, z function of each agent at the end of simulation are scored. To be clear, for initial prediction submission we’re expecting a file with 3 columns.

We’ll update the starter notebook to reflect this, thank you for raising the issue.

Thank you,

But we need to rename columns, then it shows no error:


I uploaded submission file without error, but I did not appear on the leaderboard