Partial Download Option

I would like to partially download the high-resolution file train and test files. However, I am unable to do so because they are zipped. Could the host provide a partial download option please?

Samuel Xu

Thank you for the request. Let us discuss with Engineering how best to get these data to you.

We have generated a small sample of the high resolutions that you can quickly download and experiment with these data. You can find these data on the data tab (see image below).

Is the current leaderboard calculated based on the high quality test images or low quality test images?

Thank you @team !

@shravankumar224 I don’t believe it matters since the solutions only mark the bounding boxes? The location of the bounding box will scale accordingly the higher resolution image, and therefore the IOU will remain fixed.

The predictive leaderboard is based on the low resolution images. The final evaluation will also be run on low resolution data. We provide the high resolution images so that contestants have a concept of the data originally used build the labels.

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