Oil Saturation?

Hi guys
Our target for this contest is “percent decrease in oil saturation”. What is this? Clearly at least 12 of you know as you already have scores on the leaderboard. While I have some guesses, I would like to hear a clear statement.
Thanks to all.

They way I understand it is “current oil saturation divided by the original oil saturation (AVG_ORIG_OIL_SAT) in the given well (CMPL_FAC_ID) and layer (SAND)”. But I agree the data definition is not very clear. Maybe office hours will shed some light.

For example:

  • Are all the wells in data set only producers? Or some of them are injectors?
  • We have Lin_Dist_Inj_Factor and Lin_Dist_Prod_Factor. How is it possible some of those values have NaNs (empty values)?
  • How is it possible that given well/layer combination has missing values for injection 1 (both SGMT_CUM_STM_INJ_1 and FT_DIST_PAT_1) but do have values for injection 2? Isn’t 1 supposed to be the closest one and 2 the second closest?

you can have a score and have no idea that it is oil saturation

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