Off the Beaten Path - Winners Announcement!

Thank you to all those who participated in the Off the Beaten Path challenge. This was one of the most difficult challenges yet, and the Xeek community provided several fantastic solutions. The final leaderboard was extremely tight and the Xeek team had to use a second tie-breaker graph for all contestants to determine winners. In an effort to provide more transparency into the evaluations, we wanted to provide a brief summary of the challenge winners. Please feel free to reply to this post and share/discuss your approach with the community!

Now for the winners:

First Place is awarded to Antani Gospodinov. Antani created a unique and well documented submission, using a genetic sequencing algorithm to solve the problem. Congratulations Antani!

Second Place is awarded to David L. David built his own solver from scratch borrowing techniques from genetics to optimize the schedule. His algorithm performed well on all graph sizes in the given time frame.

Third Place is awarded to Farmers. Farmers provided a very well documented solution using a package call VRPSolverEasy to optimize the schedule. Farmers also provided fantastic worker visualizations, including an animation showing worker paths for a given schedule.

Honorable Mentions

  • Farmers for speed, visualizations and creativity

  • Igor Ivanov for going above and beyond on visualizations

  • Raphael Kiminya for a top 10 finish

  • Jxtrbtk for a top 10 finish

  • Francesco Lucchi for a top 10 finish

  • Ning Jia for a top 10 finish

  • Utkala M for a top 10 finish

Thank you again to all challengers!