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brendon [Enthought] 6:32 PM

Hey everyone! I have made a couple other tutorial notebooks that continue exploring the well log dataset. Part 2 gathers other well metadata, including spatial location of the wellheads, and creates a map plot showing how the wells are related spatially. Part 3 builds on this, and creates an interactive dashboard that allows you to filter groups of wells based on which curves they contain. Enjoy, and your feedback is welcome!

notebooks/03-Map-Dash.ipynb|brendonhall/FORCE-2020-Lithologybrendonhall/FORCE-2020-Lithology | Added by GitHub


Hello, I am trying to run Part 2 of the tutoriald running (I am using Anaconda Jupiter notebooks). IAm having the following error while reading the file wellbore_exploration_all.csv “ImportError: Pandas requires version ‘0.7.4’ or newer of ‘fsspec’ (version ‘0.6.2’ currently installed)”

Has someone run into this issue? any recommendation of how to solve it? Thank you!

Have you tried updating the package through conda? You can try running the code below in the Anaconda Prompt:

conda install -c conda-forge fsspec

It’s now in version v0.8.3 so you should have no problems.