Need to see more decimal digits on the leaderboard - Carbon Capture Challenge


Could you please keep 10 decimal digits for the scores on the leaderboard? Now, we can only see 4 decimal digits.

It seems that we are competing for more decimal digits. For example, the top 1 and the runner up, although it seems that they are both 0, they have different scores in the background which we cannot see. If we cannot see more decimal digits, we cannot know which is our best solution. Therefore, in the code reviewing phase, it will be difficult for us to decide which codes to submit.

It should be very easy to change at the backend of this website. Just round to 10 decimals instead of 4. The reason for 10 is that in our local test, it will be very very close to zero. Less than 10 may not be enough. Many thanks in advance.

I understand what you are saying, but considering the length of the competition, it will not be possible to make such changes on the fly.
As I mentioned to earlier, Prediction score is only a part of the evaluation and the judges would like to see your approach and give scores based on data visualization, EDA, model selection, data processing etc.

Thanks for your reply. Understood.

Just curious about the current ranking, the first three are all zeros now, how does the leaderboard decide who to be put on top 1?

Not an unnecessary question, if more than 10 teams are zero, then some teams may not be able to be selected for further evaluation for their approach, EDA, so on and so forth.