Need clarification about the features

Hi all, just want to ask something about the features

  • is CMPL_FAC_ID is composed of production well or it includes injection one as well?
  • what is the metric for each numeric features? ( for example, ‘TOTAL PROD’ is MMBOE, ’ DIP is in percent or degrees)?
  • is the remaining features like oil and gas measured after the steam injection or before the steam injection?
  • why in some row nearest injection well got no data but the 2nd nearest and 3rd nearest have them?
  • how to calculate the distance factor and FT_DIST, is there any example? is it 1 is farthest and 0 is nearest?

thank you :slight_smile:

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Several great questions here:

  • CMPL_FAC_ID is for producing wells only.
  • As for units, distances are in feet, volumes are in barrels, dip is in degrees.
  • For each well, sand there is a time 0 and then subsequent entries are measured during steam injection.
  • The presence or absence of data adjacent to an injector is a good question that we’ll need to ask the reservoir engineers.
  • For FT_DIST, a value of 1 equals to 600 feet from an injector vs. a value 0 equals very close to the injector.