Let's Introduce ourself

Hello Guys, :smiley:
Before diving into codes let’s get to know each others in order to see how worldwide we are
we can share the following points:

  • :writing_hand: fist name
  • :world_map:Country
  • :school_satchel:last diploma
  • :construction_worker_woman:Position
  • :computer:Coding languages
  • :medal_sports:Hobbies

To start, i am Chandryl from France, i graduated with a master in Petroleum Engineering (Geophysics) from the University of Pau ( France). I work now as a data scientist , i prefer python for coding otherwise i like playing ping-pong.

Your turns !!! :wave:

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Hi Chandryl! Thanks for starting this thread - great idea!

I’m Jess - I run the Xeek team at Studio X. We are so excited to have you as part of the Xeek community. Some info about me:

  • :world_map: United States (Colorado - lots of great skiing here!)
  • :school_satchel: MBA and a BS Mechanical Engineering
  • :construction_worker_woman: Program Director at Xeek
  • :computer: Python, JavaScript
  • :medal_sports: ice hockey, skiing, astronomy

Hello Everyone, I’m Darwin and I’m very excited to be a part of this challenge. I’m a newbie in Python so I am looking forward to learning my way around it. Here is a little more info about me.

United States (Georgia)
Nuclear Propulsion Engineer and BS in Business.
Owner, Dragon CustomZz Enterprises.
Darts, Building and Repairing Computers, Snow Skiing.


Hi Jess,
i liked the way you ve presented the info as a list.
Im going to display again my information following your workflow

  • :world_map:France
  • :school_satchel: Master degree petroleum Engineering ( University of Pau)
  • :construction_worker_woman: Data scientist
  • :computer: Python
  • :medal_sports: Ping-pong
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Hello guys, I’m Dan! I’m very excited too to be a part of this challenge. I’m just a newbie with the data scientism but I want to learn more about it. So about me:

  • :world_map: France (Pau)
  • :school_satchel: Production and process engineer (MS petroleum Engineering)
  • :computer: Python, JavaScript (newbie)
  • :guitar: bassist, pianist, drummer
  • :writing_hand: Danny
  • :world_map: Canada :canada:
  • :school_satchel:PhD Geology
  • :construction_worker_woman: Digital Geologist
  • :computer: R, Python
  • :medal_sports: Skiing :skier: climbing :person_climbing:

This is my first Xeek Challenge and I’m looking forward to seeing how the discussion evolves here.


Hello all! I like the introduction format.

I’m Matt!
Texas, USA
Geology BS, Hydrogeology MS, Data Science MS
Some sort of Data Scientist
Reading, biking, bass guitar, and computers


Hi All,

I’m Jude - based in the Netherlands. I am using this challenge to improve my understanding of ML in geoscience.

  • PhD Geophysics
  • Geophysicist
  • Python (intermediate)
  • Beer brewing
  • :writing_hand: Eric
  • :world_map: California, east side of the Sierra
  • :school_satchel: BA math, UC Berkeley. MA economics, UC San Diego
  • :construction_worker_woman: retired spftware engineer.
  • :computer: Python noob, C++, Ada
  • :medal_sports: Rock Climbing, hiking.

Hello all,
I am Ashwin
MS Petroleum Engineering student in Teesside University, UK
B.Tech Petroleum engineering (India)
Python (newbie)
Aspiring to a career in Petroleum Data Aanalytics.
Parkour, Movies
Nice meeting you all!


Hi everyone,
Great idea @chandrylpaterne !

  • :writing_hand: Morgane
  • :world_map: Paris, France :baguette_bread:
  • :school_satchel: Engineering degree in Numerical Geology (ENSG-EOST double degree)
  • :construction_worker_woman: Data Scientist
  • :computer: Python & C++ primarily
  • :medal_sports: Painting & running

Hi Everyone!

  • :writing_hand: Vitor
  • :earth_asia: Brazil :brazil: / Currently in the Netherlands :netherlands:.
  • :school: Msc Groundwater
  • :school_satchel: Bsc Geology
  • :computer: Mostly R and some python.
  • :medal_sports: Running
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Hi there,

  • Guido
  • Germany (currently in Saudi Arabia)
  • PhD in Geology
  • Python, Matlab
  • Music (Drums, Guitar)
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Hello everyone !

  • :writing_hand: Antoine

  • :world_map: Paris, France

  • :school_satchel: Engineering degree in Numerical Geology

  • :construction_worker_man: PhD student in applied mathematics

  • :computer: Python & C++ & R & Matlab

  • :medal_sports: Poetry, cheese

Hello Everyone, You can call me Samuel, I am glad to be here, I will use Jess workflow in introducing my self

  • :world_map:Nigeria
  • :school_satchel: MS Petroleum Engineering and BS Mechanical Engineering
  • :construction_worker_man: Petrophysicist , a kind of Data scientist
  • :computer: Python, C++
  • :medal_sports: Reading, Writing, teaching

Hi Chandryl!

I’m Christon.
Some info about me:

  • :world_map: Trinidad and Tobago
  • :school_satchel: MEng in Peroleum Engineering
  • :construction_worker_man: Recent Graduate
  • :computer: Python
  • :medal_sports: Football(soccer), Cricket, Basketball

hi everyone!

I’m Joel.

  • :world_map: Houston, Tx
  • :school_satchel: BS Geophysics, MS Computational Science
  • :construction_worker_man: Computational Geophysicist
  • :computer: F# (functional programming is my jam), C#, Python, R.
  • :medal_sports: Hiking, Swimming

Hello guys :heart_decoration:
I hope everybody is doing great!

I am Stephanie a petroleum geologist from Colombia (living in Brazil since 2015). I am pursuing my PhD in Energy at University of São Paulo. My research topics are Data Science, AI, CCS & BECCS systems, natural gas and energy transition.

Python beginner and R newbie.
I love diving but since I moved to Brazil I haven’t been able to :crying_cat_face: but “happily” at least I can dance Salsa anywhere :dancer: … RPG rocks :elf:

Hello Everybody,

My name is Antonio Dagnino

  • :world_map: Lafayette, Louisiana (US)
  • :school_satchel: BS Electronics Engineering
  • :construction_worker_man: General Field Engineer (Directional Drilling)
  • :computer: Python, R, Tableau, SQL.
  • :medal_sports: Listen latin music, cook, super-hero movies

Please find me on linkedin! I am looking forward to team up for future challenges and learn more.