Leaderboard scrubbed?

Do all entries now have 200,000 rows?

You can achieve good LB result confining random box (with 200k points) .
My model perform worse then random distribution. I still think that LB metric is not good to measure distance from 200k to 7k, better it would be to measure from 7k to 200k nearests. Sorry for chattering a lot it is from my panic :slight_smile:

@ryan.keppel2 that is correct, all entries have 200k rows. We are also now doing a validation on submission to ensure each file has 200k rows moving forward.

My leaderboard entry has 100k lines–I checked my git history. I have another that has 200k that is near that, though. Perhaps other leaderboard entries don’t have 200k.

Hi @ryan.keppel2 ,

We’ll do another check, there should be no entries with less than 200k rows and moving forward as of earlier this week it is no longer possible to submit an entry with less than 200k rows.