Is anybody able to submit at all?

The submit is broken. It lets you know if you mislabeled the fields in the csv, but otherwise just hangs. No email.

Hi Ryan,

Our team is looking into an issue that is causing some submissions to time out before they finish scoring.

We will update the forum once this has been resolved.

I was able to submit 20 thousand agents (a tenth) and got a score. I thought it had to be 200 thousand?

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Yes I am having the same issue

I am wondering how LB has 11 entries at all

Hi all,

We have gotten to the bottom of the issue that is causing some submissions to time out before they complete scoring and this is updated on the site. If you’ve been having trouble, please try to submit again.

Thank you,
The Team @ Xeek

Am I the only one who doesn’t know this? I finally have a file for the leaderboard and I cannot find the procedure for submission. Yes, I am a noob here and also a python noob.

Hi @lori.eric9797 - Could you expand on the issue you’re having? If you’re asking where to submit, on the right hand side of the site you should see a submit button after joining the challenge here

As far as I know, I have joined successfully. I have a profile page. Is the blue ‘JOIN’ button supposed to morph into a ‘SUBMIT’ button after joining?

That’s correct, go ahead and join the challenge @lori.eric9797 and it will change to Submit once joined!