How is the metric computed?

i am trying to write code to do a local validation.

assume ground truth is:

['abc' 'de' 'fgh'] , len=18

if my prediction is:

['abc' 'd' 'fg'], len=16

is the score = 1- ‎Levenshtein(predict,truth)/len(truth) = 1-2/18 ?

or are we using
1- ‎Levenshtein(predict,truth)/len(predict) , etc …

will the score be negative if ‎Levenshtein(predict,truth) > len

Hello @hengcherkeng235

The final score utilizes the Levenshtein ratio and is applied to a 10-point scale.

    score = (1 - leven/length) * 10

Which returns a score between 0 and 10. This scoring algorithm also prevents negative scores.

Team Xeek