FInal Submissions


Will final submissions from participants be uploaded open source? Will individual evaluation of solutions be made open by judges as well?


Final submissions will not be made open source by default, but our terms and conditions allow for contestants to open source their work if they wish to do so.

Evaluation of solutions will not be made public, except for announcement of the prize winners.

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Just to be clear, we should upload our zip files after submitting predictions and not just python notebooks?

Because it seems like the link after making submissions is designed for submitting notebooks and even the message after seems so, jsut want to be sure I did the right thing. Thanks.

Does anyone else have the issues with final submission? Link from the email takes me to the “Go with the Flow” Challange and therefore I am unable to upload my model for scoring. Anyone knows the way around? Thanks!

I uploaded my zip file immediately after scoring my prediction made in csv. This is the only method I’m aware of

should we also upload a video with the notebook?

What was mentioned was uploading a zip file which contained the notebook, video, requirements. So I did that