Final submission

Dear all

Thanks for registering for the FORCE fault detection on seismic competition

We are soon approaching the deadline and we need to know from you where you are going to upload the scored blind cube and up to 1000 random training patches and if your submission should be anonymously or with a name

Please fill in the google form sheet.

We will send you a link with the location of the blind cube to download and score on the 16th of October

Thanks for your interest. I am really looking forward to see the results


Good morning!
Two days ago I filled the form sheet, but until now (12 hours left) didn’t get a link with the location of the blind cube so far. Are there any delays?

I will send the link with the blind cube today at 1400 Norway time

Thanks for that information, just one more question, I remember that according to the rules, we would have at least 15hrs to send the prediction of the blind cube, is it still on that way or maybe I misunderstood the rules? Sorry if that was the case.

hey there
i just noticed the deadline in the header of is postponed until 10/19/2020. so can we receive the test cube data and perform our code please?

The location of the blind cube is here

and is mirrored here

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