Every Layer, Everywhere, All at Once is LIVE!

Hello Challengers!

Thank you so much for participating in the Every Layer, Everywhere, All at Once Challenge! This challenge will push you to explore the geophysical applications of Meta’s Segment Anything Model (SAM). Your job, if you choose to participate, is to fine-tune SAM to segment all geologic layers in a seismic cube. The Onward team has provided challengers with more than 9,000 seismic volumes (wow!) that have been pre-interpreted with segment masks for your model to train on. Each seismic volume has a unique assemblage of geologic features for the model to consider.

This challenge will run until 2024-02-08T23:00:00Z. Please visit the challenge page for more information regarding data, evaluation process, and terms & conditions.

As always, please reach out to the Onward Team here with any questions.

Good luck!