Coordinates origin position submission file

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I’m not sure where the origin of the coordinates for the submission file should be.
I understand from the overview of the challenge that the bottom must be z = 0 and the top z = 1249.
From my understanding, it is the opposite of the numpy coordinates, isn’t it? See figure below:

So, is the origin of the coordinate system for the submission file therefore the lower, front, left corner of the numpy array describing the environment?

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for my understanding we should flip z axis

There is some confusion here. Z index 0 is the top, Z index 1250 is the bottom. Double-check this by plotting the data. The top of the model is effectively the surface of the ocean, jut like seismic data used in the geosciences.

Figure 1

Image of offshore seismic data:

There is no coordinate 1250. It’s zero-based.

To be clear, the coordinates we’re discussing are the indexes for the numpy array. You are correct; there is no index 1250. It would be index 1249. The values in the array are either 0 (no accumulation) or 1 (accumulation present). A submission file should provide the numpy array indexes of the 1’s, where the agents are or where they died.

oil moves from bottom to top. From Z=1249 towards Z=0. Am I right ?

Hi @jonas.matuzas - That is correct