Clarify run time

I would like to clarify “If the code cannot run in 1 hour” statement. Would you mind elaborating more about this? I am confused if it is training time (which is hard to achieve for original image size)? inference time? or actually it is the time needed by Xeek team to do trial and error in order to start running the code?

Thank you

Thanks for the question @ramdhan_aw. We realize that each participant’s personal environment will be slightly different, so 1 hour refers to the time that the Xeek team will attempt to get the code running, through trial and error. If we cannot get this code running, the participant will have 24 hours to correct, provide instructions, and resubmit. Once this code is operational, the Xeek team will run each notebook for a maximum of 24 hours. If the notebook has not completed training and inference in this time, it will be disqualified. To help out the Xeek team, if you are able to provide model weights/checkpoints from training in your own environment, please do so. This will speed up the evaluation process. Please keep in mind that inference runtime is 25% of the challenge score. Thanks!