Challenge deadline

Hello Xeek,

Do you consider running challenge a bit longer? I see there is about 1 week left and only few submissions on the leaderboard.

Good Afternoon,

Look for an announcement early next week on the extension of this challenge.

Team Xeek

Hello @team,

Many thanks for making this interesting competition possible! I want to vote against the extension (or at least against a long extension). First of all, high scores in the leaderboard show that there are already good solutions. Personally I (leaderboard name Igor Ivanov) have built a solid model and have already made 100+ submissions. Also like in any competition, participants have allocated a significant amount of time and computational resources according to the original timeline. Extension at the very late stage (like now) may be a bit unfair, offering unexpected time advantage for late comers. Just an opinion, of course organizers have their own view and the right to make the final decision.

Hi @team

I would like to vote for an extension. I have personally only found out about this competition recently, and I would like only a week’s extension or so to give me some more time to fine-tune to make a decent submission feasible for myself, and whoever else happens to be a late joiner.