Carbon Capture Question: How many times can we submit data to XEEK?

You can submit multiple times. SPE GCS DASG is limiting to no more than 5x (five) per challenge period. Any team submitting more than this will be disqualified from the challenge.

How many times can I submit?

We have limited the submission to create a more even competition for some of the contestants that do not have some of the more sophisticated software and tools. Unfortunately many contestants have submitted several submissions which would not be fair to those of you who have not had a chance to submit. We are keeping the current rules as posted on the website. See the criteria as posted on the website below. We have also updated the discussion forum with this information.

SUBMISSION LIMITS: You may submit up to 5 CSV predictions per day. For teams, only one team member can submit predictions per day. As a team only 5 prediction submissions per day are allowed. Teams found in violation of this rule are subject to disqualification. Submissions must be in English and will be void if they are incomplete, damaged, altered, counterfeit, or late. Multiple final submissions can be made, but only the latest will be considered.

I can only submit once per day. the system said that I have no longer remaining submission.

please advice

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I have the same problem! in the instructions they said it was supposed to be 5

this is what shown by the system. it allows only one submission

thank you

Looks like is 5 submissions TOTAL, not per day like they mention in the instructions.