Can't submit again?

I’m only had one submission scored. The screen animates awhile, but I get no email that it has been scored.

Hi Ryan,

We have gotten to the bottom of the issue that is causing some submissions to time out before they complete scoring and this is updated on the site. If you’ve been having trouble, please try to submit again.

Thank you,
The Team @ Xeek

Please make sure the row count is valid.

Agree on the row count. it has accepted submissions with 20k, 2k, and i’m sure would accept any number of rows which will skew the results. To confirm, we should expect 200k (2,000 turns, 100 agents each turn) correct?

It doesn’t average results. Number one on the leaderboard probably submitted a single row.

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Thank you for flagging this with us. We are expecting submissions of 200k rows and will remove submissions that do not line up to that shortly. Additionally we will add a validation on row count moving forward.

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I uploaded results with one row (x=150,y=150,z=625) and I jumped to III place. I am wondering does anybody have programmed model at all till now. I did and my result was worse than random submission…

I am first ! (x=150,y=150,z=800)

Any submissions of < 200k rows have since been removed from leaderboard considerations.

Moving forward, please submit files containing 200k rows.

But why not add validation though ?

My submission was rejected today. The error message:
Mismatch in columns. Expected: x, y, z Found: x=81, y=97, z=1249

This is indeed the first row of my file. It is the same format Jonas M used, above in this thread. How about an example of the expected format?

you have to use proper panda file with columns (x,y,z) but the challenge organizers I think do not like we do it :slight_smile: I am wondering is second position on LB uploaded 200k or 20 k rows…