Cannot submit to the leaderboard - Carbon Capture Challenge

I cannot submit to the leaderboard, since last Saturday. I encountered an error message every time after I clicked on the submit button. Can anyone help to resolve the problem as soon as possible?

What was the error message? Can you share the screenshot?

Even if I submitted some previous successful files, it still showed the same error message.

I have the same issue. Xeek team responded saying that ONLY 5 submissions in TOTAL will be allowed. HOWEVER, keep seeing and receiving messages and rules saying that 5 submissions PER DAY are allowed. So, which is it? There are RMSE scores equal 0, how on earth is that possible? Not even 0.001?
Anyways, the upsetting part is that fact that a team cannot submit more than once a day.

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I agree with you! 0.000 RMSE its just impossible… how many decimals should we use??? the sample submission document has 4 decimals.

You see RMSE of 0 probably because the leaderboard only shows 4 significant digits and the RMSE of these teams is lower than 10^-5 making it looks zero. If you notice even the top teams are fluctuating in their rank implying this lower RMSE.

I am having the sample problem! I have been waiting for hours but nobody fixes it.

I am having the same problem as well