Availability of data for seismic fault mapping

The data are not available 11th Aug 2020.
When will they be available?

Hi @inp - You can find the data in the Dataset Overview section of the challenge overview here: https://xeek.ai/challenges/force-seismic/overview

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Apparently the download quota for the seismic has been exceeded, for more than 3 days impossible to download…

thanks for letting us know I see if I can find an alternative

it seem to work now. please post f any further issues

Thanks! Successfully downloaded!

We don’t have access to data download? Is there any direct link?

Hi Amin,

The Ichthys Seismic dataset is provided courtesy of Geoscience Australia and is available under CC BY 4.0 license. It can be downloaded here: Ichthys seismic data or https://nextcloud.drgaff.net/index.php/s/7mXn8mSbjxdZyr8.

Please refer to the Data Overview section under the Challenge Overview tab for more info.

Team Xeek