Additional Examples!

For those of you who attended office hours last week, thank you! It was great to meet you all and hear your questions.

Below are some of the resources we shared that we think might be of assistance!

Python tools that can help you get out of the traditional data formats.

Traditional Ways of Looking at Subsurface Data

Inspirational Workers in the Geoscience Space

  • Sean Conway combines DEM (digital elevation maps) and geology surface maps to create insightful merges that tell you so much more than the individual parts.
  • Tyler Hobbs is an artist working through programming. He creates all manner of beautiful pieces, some of them geological in nature.
  • The Software Underground Community is an open group of like-minded “geos” that work on programming, visualization, and making the world a better place. This is a great resource to ask for help or feedback. Sign up here for free:

Team Xeek