About the Stranger Sections Segmenting Open Challenge category

Welcome to Stranger Sections a new style of challenge type on Xeek!

This challenge involves unsupervised segmentation of thin section images. There are 1000 unlabeled images in the dataset. Your job will be to provide a model that can accurately segment the blobs on the thin sections. You are free to explore any and all methods you see fit to effectively segment these images.

Good luck out there!

Are we going to have these 1000 unlabeled images or they are on your side for testing?

Hello! Once you choose to join the challenge, the 1000 images will be available for download on the Data tab. These images are split between train and test, but you are free to combine if you like. All images are unlabeled. It’s your job to segment the images using any method involving machine learning. Please see the challenge description for more details.

I think I have joined but I cannot see any data.

Let’s first try this:

  1. Sign out
  2. Sign in back
  3. Make sure you have joined the challenge. Once you click join, the button should say “submit”
  4. Go to the Data tab https://xeek.ai/challenges/stranger-sections/data
  5. Check your download folder (depends upon your browser settings)

Still cannot see. The join button is inactive (I understand because I already pressed it) and there is no submit button.

There is still no data available


Thank you for reaching out to the Xeek Team. We do apologize but per the Xeek Challenge, our rules state that certain countries & regions are restricted from participating. Please refer to Section 2.b in our Terms of Use. You may visit that by clicking this Link.

Xeek Support

Hello, Jonas,

After speaking with our Xeek team we would like to recommend that you access Xeek on a mobile connection to see this resolves the issue. If this does not solve the problem our team will escalate and work towards a solution.

Xeek Support

Can you please update the leaderboard? Current rankings are not visible.

Thanks for the question @swetap. Stranger Sections is an open challenge; anyone can submit a final piece of code for the challenge, and the Xeek Team will consider it for the prize pool. We wanted to see how many creative ideas the Xeek Community could generate. We will release a final leaderboard after the challenge has ended.

We are looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

Can we assume the image size will remain constant as it is for all testing and training data? If so, it will be much easier to code the padding in the network pre-processing section.

Thanks for the question @anthonytorlucci. Yes, images will have a size of 1360x1024 and contain 3 color channels (RGB).

Hi, Yes through mobile is working! Interesting It was not working through 2 locations- home and work.
Best regards,
P.S. I am not sure I I will have enough time for this competition. But in the future, we will know :slight_smile: